PowerPlay Golf - What is it and Why Should You Care?

  • There is a new way to play golf, and its inaugural event just took place at Celtic Manor Resort in the city of Newport, South Wales, UK. 


    With golf's declining number of players, new approaches to engage golfers are being taken.  PowerPlay is one of them.  It is a different way to play golf, one that thumbs its nose at tradition. 


    The concept is to make golf more exciting by using a risk or reward strategy.  The game is limited to 9 holes.  Two flags are placed on each hole, one with a higher degree of difficulty.  If you select the harder shot, more points are rewarded.  On the last hole, one can select the harder shot, but if it is missed, points are deducted.  There is risk or reward on each hole, adding an element of drama to the game.


    Will PowerPlay be the answer to engage golfers and grow the sport?  Only time will tell, but it is a fresh approach to golf, and worth a look.